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joal martino

my name is joal martino, and i'm a multiple personality. unfortunately, my guru (swami beyondananda) says “the i.r.s. will not let us take them as deductions.” i like the ocean, chess, collegiate sports, hiking, biking, jogging, and good food with good wine and good friends. i snapped the picture (background) for this website at the beach in destin, florida using a cheap, olympus d-540 zoom camera.

my poetry and thoughts are written in Spiritual script, and my alter-egos include caterpillars, speed bumps, beach sand, dogs/cats, coffee cups, horses, and even people… to name a few. i've developed my version of Spiritual scripting while writing several books, many of which can be found via this site. many of the books are 10-minute books.

the writing method is called the “thought-release” method, where the writer will let go of his/her physical persona and simply “allow” writing to happen. try it! you'll be quite surprised at what ends-up writing It-self.

the themes that express themselves via my pen usually focus on:
  • Spirit (One-ness, expressing He/r-self as duality)
  • relationships (love, sex, conflict, passion)
  • the future of human existence
  • family fun (and family issues)
  • the creation of the Uni-Verse
 …you know, light stuff.

i can't be held liable for any of my poetry because (1) it's channeled, and (2) because there always seems to be a hidden twist, a double meaning, or a subliminal message. okay, sometimes the message is a little less than subtle.



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